Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PC Home Summer 2013 Preview

Last week I attended the President’s Choice Outdoor Living Summer preview.  The PC brand and Joe Fresh fall under the Loblaws umbrella.  The summer preview was all about colour, enjoying the summer and having fun.  Bring it on!


I think I’ll replace my sad looking, weathered wood bench at the front of my house with this navy one. So affordable at $99 (without the cushion) and weather resistant as well.


They have everything you need for a picnic cook out.  The table folds up and is easy to carry and the picnic bench condiment holder is adorable and practical.


I can’t wait to get my hands on the striped baskets. They have quite a variety of baskets which are very affordable – in the $5-9 range.


They had a variety of cushions (above and below) ranging in price from $7 to $14 – you couldn’t even make them for that!


We were all intrigued by the 3 tiered acrylic beverage dispenser (above) and had ideas about what we would place in each tier. The plates and dishes are made from dishwasher-safe bamboo.


The ceramic and glass carafe and cups were so unique and I love the substantial size of the tray.


And last but not least, how adorable is this little guy?  He’s a solar powered lantern. Gnomes never looked so good!  (all photos taken by me with my phone)

Look for these products in your local Loblaws/Superstore in the coming weeks.

(Please note that I was not compensated in any way for writing this. I was invited to attend the preview and I did so because I love the brand and wanted to share. I do all my grocery shopping at our local SuperStore as they have a decent organic and gluten free section and my gym is also located just above the store!  My daughter and I have a number of Joe Fresh pieces in our wardrobe – so affordable.  So, I can work out, grocery shop and pick up a sweater all in one go!)


  1. Thanks for the mini tour!! I see many items that
    are coming home with me!!

  2. Looking lovely...I am sooooo ready for spring ;)

  3. Love those brightly colored benches! Great price-too!

  4. Hello from down the road in Halton Hills, ON. I found my way here through the Style at Home bloggers paint article in this weeks S@H newsletter. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your blog. I invite you to visit Blue Clear Sky.
    I love this glimpse of the new PC line and already see a few things to pick up when it hits the stores. It makes grocery shopping bearable lol.


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